How to Live as a Villain - Custom lists

Alt title: Akdangi Saraganeun Beop

How to Live as a Villain
  • Auto Hunting With My Clones
  • Auto Hunting
  • All Rounder
  • After Ten Millennia in Hell
  • The 10-Star Player's Lucky Draw

OP Male MC Manhwa by kuro89

Anything with dungeons, towers, magic, regression, rebirth, do-overs, level up system, murim (few), insanely strong men, zombies, etc.

  • The World After the Fall
  • The Gamer
  • Nano Machine
  • Omniscient Reader
  • Solo Leveling

Best Game System / RPG Interface Manhwa and Manhua by GoldenFury

This is about manhwa / manhua that has a system an interface like system. This is the order in which I personally rate them.

  • Era of Overman - Part 2
  • Era of Overman
  • Dungeons & Artifacts
  • Dark Hunter
  • Auto Hunting

Hunter/Player RPG like Fantasy Manhwa by Otaku842

I want to make a list of manhwas or mangas with hunter/adventurer/player/awakened kinda setting... The world in the those comic are either changed due to sudden arrival of monsters and people gaining power. Or they get...

  • SSS-Class Revival Hunter
  • Latna Saga: Survival of a Sword King
  • The Strongest Florist
  • Dungeon Reset
  • Solo Leveling

Action Game-Like Manhwa with a Male Protagonist (No Oneshots) by Kristantine

These stories include a male protagonist in a setting where game-elements exist, (such as game pop ups, leveling up, RPG aspects basically.) They are also fighting against something (like monsters, people, etc). If you like...

  • Brutal
  • A Useless Villain
  • Aozora to Kumorizora
  • Aku no Kyouten
  • Akumetsu

Evil/Villain Protagonist Manga by McBujon

Check out the Anime version of this list on my profile.