How to Keep a Mummy

Alt title: Miira no Kaikata

Vol: 8+; Ch: 202+
2014 - ?
4.528 out of 5 from 168 votes
Rank #123
How to Keep a Mummy

When high school student Sora Kashiwagi finds himself staring down a mysterious oversized package sent to him by his self-proclaimed "adventurer" father, the last thing he expects is for it to be opened from the inside... by a little mummy so small it can fit in the palm of his hand!

Source: Crunchyroll

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MoonLightStorm Sep 17, 2017
Score 10/10

There are no other reason I will rate it 10/10 other than everything about this manga is cute. The human characters are well written. But what truly interest me most is the overload cuteness of that mummy. The story too is quite adorable just as it truly focus of what the title meant. Totally a recommendation for all genders who loves cute lovable items or just say beings. xD I even of thought wanting to have... read more

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