How to Hide the Emperor's Child

Alt title: Hwangjeui Aireul Sumgineun Bangbeop

Ch: 98+
2022 - ?
3.866 out of 5 from 1,215 votes
Rank #9,042
How to Hide the Emperor's Child

Astelle, the empire's one-day empress brought with her a secret when she left the palace after the divorce: she was pregnant with Emperor Kaizen's child. Six years later, Astelle is living a peaceful life in the countryside with their son until the imperial guards come knocking. Kaizen requires Astelle's consent to receive the key territory of Meilen. With the empire still in turmoil from a rebellion, will Astelle be able to hide her son's identity from these threatening forces, and more importantly, from his father, the emperor?

Source: Tapas

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Not reccomended, not entertaining, too many uneccesary sub-plots, no development, repetative nature of stories just in different fashion, uninteresting characters, no romance at all, stupidly written plot holes all over, you probably wont feel any emotion reading this other than being irritated by the characters.  Dissapointed, it felt like there are a lot of uneccesary things goin on. Sure the plot is kinda fresh for me, this is the first royalty-romance manhwa where the female lead is hiding her sons identity, but at the same time it failed to be entertaining in any way. It's good that the author want to spin the concept a little to be fresh and unique, but the way he written it isnt interesting enough to be good although somewhat unique. here are also the things i hated about it, first of all the reason why they fell apart is because of miscommunication, how the hell did two people who grew up together for so long had a problem such as miscommunication, it felt stupid, both of them who grew up for so many years together just fell because the male lead cannot ask a simple question, and the female lead is stupid enough not the xplain to the person whom she loves for so many years about the sittuation or even ask about what is happening, she just gone with it. Then after 6 years of no contact the ML just suddenly tries to force the female lead to stay in his house and be overall possesive of her, like 6 years of neglect didnt happened, guy cant even explain why he is doing it, for a guy and a emperor you would expect the emperor to be straightforward and smart but he just stupid....  Second, there are a lot of sidetrack which is very uninteresting and sidetracks that doesnt help furthur the story in a way other than putting small detail of development which can easily be put in a more interesting manner, for example in the 20th chapter or so the plot of an epedemic in a village happening, third there is too much going on and everything is happening all at once, the politics happening in the background, assasinations, MC hiding her child's origin, her grandfather, his family and father, irritating characters chasing the male lead, the male leads assistant trying to figure out the female leads intention and so on, enough so that you forgot that its a romance manhwa, in fact there is no romance in this manhwa, its so subtle that you cant even say its romance right now.... Honestly i have more bad things to say about this manhwa but i realized how bent up i am in this and felt stupid so im stopping here, OVERALL dont reccomend, dropped it already, nothing interesting or entertaining about this manhwa in any shape or form. 


Alright, time for another manhwa review! And after you guys read this review, you're probably gonna be hating on me lol. I know I'm only on Chapter 1 so far but this manhwa has so much potential! But there is something that is stopping me from ranking it up to a perfect score. Can you guess why? Well first off, I just want to say that I cannot tell you how much I despise the sh*tty ML. To me, he's a real villain rather than ML. He betrayed the poor FL and abused his power to convict her in a wrong way even though she did nothing wrong. Like who the f*ck does that?!! WHO?!! Anyways, the child is cute and I extremely love the FL. She is always confident and determined, even when she is in trouble. Overall, this story is so good but I would hold off on recommending this one to you guys if you despise cruel MLs by just a little bit. Almost perfect but not really. Sorry! -SPOILERS BELOW THIS POINT- Update (Reviewed at Chapter 21): I thought that the ML had redeeming qualities as I continued reading but I was wrong. His redeeming qualities are lackluster and he hasn't changed one bit. However, the story has changed quite a lot. I loved the inventiveness in this manhwa and I don't care if anyone will hate me on this review, it's my opinion and y'all are welcome to them. What was supposed to be an almost perfect manhwa turned into one of my most surprising favourites of all time! Update 2: So a lot of people said that this manhwa started to become more boring and disconcerting after Chapter 28 but I'll give you guys a more full in depth review after reading chapter 28 and I'll see if this manhwa is still worth the read or not. Update 3: It's safe to say that I'll keep going because I've just finished Chapter 28. So, I didn't hate it but the fact that there is way too many events happening that is bringing more stress to the FL's plate is just so annoying and roughly confusing. Likewise, I'll still continue this because I think that this manhwa still has a lot of potential. But I'm so glad I passed that chapter because it's possibly the point where most people would drop this manhwa.

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