How To Capture a Martini

Alt title: Martini Kouryakuhou

Vol: 1; Ch: 6
3.304 out of 5 from 49 votes
Rank #13,513
How To Capture a Martini

He was my lover in high school, my upperclassman — beautiful, malicious Shinobu. He was also the one who took away everything, whether it was my first kiss, or my first time! Then, after the graduation ceremony, he completely disappeared. Four years have passed since then, and right when I thought I'd already forgotten all memories about him, he suddenly appears in front of my eyes, more beautiful and charming than ever... Now, even though he's willing to open his body for everyone, the only thing he gives me is his cruel words. But no matter what, I still want to be by his side!

Source: DMP

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