How to Be a Dark Hero's Daughter

Alt title: Dark Hero-ui Ttari Doeneun Beop

Ch: 26+
2021 - ?
4.466 out of 5 from 456 votes
Rank #1,033
How to Be a Dark Hero's Daughter

The MC transmigrated into a novel as an extra character. The novel is a murder thriller and the main character is a serial killer. He kills criminals with black magic making him a dark hero. MC doesn’t have any death flags since she’s a background extra, but she was a homeless girl of all things in such a dangerous novel. Somehow our MC saves the male lead and to thank her, he adopts her. “Become my daughter.” The richest, most powerful, and handsome duke commands her to be his child. Can she survive such a maniac?

Source: NU

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A detective comedy story with pre-set emotional bounds and mystery elements. Imagine Sherlock Holmes vs. Moriarty in a 'reincarnation into a novel' setup. If U landed here because of the recommendations I suggest U rather skip it. The only thing in common is the 'adopted' part and nothing else.  Comedy + Mystery + Drama isn't like salt and sugar where both complement each other, in my opinion. Because in case of literature it simple can't set the mood for the reader if the reader is swayed from cute to horror to ROTFL. Not if all these happens all the time panelwise. It gets even less edible if the characters with set characteristics behave in a complete opposite scenario without change. U may say it's a manhwa, sure, but there is a lot shows where the mess is bypassed with good dialogues, less messy genders and better synergy between characters and their motion in the story. For example the reincarnation tag, in case of this title it's simply a placeholder to catch Ur interest. At some point the girl remembered her past and it was supposed to give U a introduction and jinx to why the girl got herself in this situation. I'm sure it will be used as a plot device (rather jinx) to later bypass logical explanations but instead, because she was reincarnated. By this U simply see how plain the story is. What's more, the changes between the characters, happen so fast that the story is unable to catch up with the emotional revolution on the screen. The art is edible. To sum it up. Don't expect anything serious. Just some reincarnated and the whole family fell in love with the adopted girl from the slums instantly story. Especially where the reincarnated and drama part doesn't really matter and character development if present, makes huge jumps without the story's influence. Before adding I suggest to read a few chapters and If U don't like it, drop it.  (if U happen to explain there was a point, where the situation between father and daughter got cleared just check how they behaved before that. If the Author is unable to deliver emotional content properly then it's non-existend)

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