How Do You Do, Koharu?

Alt title: Gokigenyou, Koharu-san

Vol: 2; Ch: 10
2019 - 2020
3.573 out of 5 from 36 votes
Rank #26,074
How Do You Do, Koharu?

19-year-old Koharu would rather be livestreaming than working her job at a maid cafe or trying to find a boyfriend out in the wide world. On her stream she chats with friends and fans around the world, and enjoys the freedom the screen grants her. But when one of her followers appears in real life, she senses there might be more to their connection...and maybe she wants something more than a digital-only connection, after all...

Source: Kodansha

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The series deals with livestreaming as well as dating and meeting fans irl and the conflicts around it. It's a pretty short series so the plot is pretty much what i said.... I will mention this series is set in the same universe as the author's previous work Say I love you. And it does indeed spoil the previous work. If you do wish to read this manga you probably should finish the previous series. This doesn't focus on the same characters but does spoil them nonetheless. Regardless of whether you like it or not this series is a sort of spin off/sequel to Say I love you. For better or worse. Mostly worse The series is essentially split into 2 parts. The first part being about dealing with fans and toxicity that comes from the internet. Which i think it handled well. Or at least not poorly. Being only 2 volumes long there isn't a lot the series can go in detail. But i think the small snippets and conflicts that did start was resolved pretty well. But this series feels more like a concept development for what could have been instead of what it is. The series is about Livestreaming and its problems that arise with livestreaming but there isn't a lot of the issues that arise. Just some assholes, but again these are resolved pretty quickly since it wasn't really anything in the first place. I don't think the author had intended for this to be a big issue but it still feels like a wasted development. The romance in this series is a bit iffy. One of the themes is danger but she literally gets buddy buddy with one of the fans or lets him get buddy buddy with her. Why? Cuz he's the main male lead of this manga of course. So the first half is mostly about them trying to become friends while at same time having the distance between fan and Idol. There is also simultaneously a romantic tension blooming between the characters. More significantly the female lead. It's pretty much established that the male lead likes the female lead Since he is a big fan and all and sends her Gifts, SIMP. 2nd half of the manga is the issue that arises dating a Celebrity when you are just a nobody. I liked this aspect this of the series too. I don't think its anything special but it gets the right idea. There is small conflicts. Hate comments and other shit. I wished there romance developed a bit more but there really is so much you can do in a 2 volumes series. Honestly despite me complaining about how there is not enough time to do this or to that. I think the author should stick to shorter series. I've read her previous work which was pretty bad. Had a lot of tropes but played them pretty poorly. It got boring real quick. Here the tropes are still applied and I still don't like how they got together but it's not really a big deal. I'd rather the fun part get cut short rather than be dragged and not be fun anymore. TLDR: It's pretty fun. Being short this is a quick read and its not like there is really anything bad about it. At least its more fun than Say I love you. 6/10


I came across this one not knowing it was a spin-off of Sukitte Ii Na Yo and another manga. It truly reads like a spin-off with character introductions that felt like I was supposed to know these people before I began reading. Putting that odd feeling aside, on its own it was an alright read. Since I was supposed to know the characters already I feel like I shouldnt be complaining about this but the characters were very flat and I didn't feel like I got to know any of their personalities. We are told facts about them, but they really feel like dry characters. I didn't feel the chemistry between the leads either. They weren't lovable to see together, but I didnt HATE them either. Overall just a dry couple in a dry manga. When it comes to the actual story it was also just okay. I felt that there was a lot more that could have been said here. You have this premise with a streamer dealing with fans and trolls who 1) know where she works and 2) know where she lives. You also have one of these fans coming to her work several times a week giving her gifts and being a little overzealous with the messages when she streams. Also theres a girl who now works at her job with her because she's a fan of an online persona. The story does absolutely nothing with that. In fact, she dates the person who's coming to her job all the time because he "seems nice", but if anyone else did it they would be seen as a stalker... Of course, it doesn't have time to do anything because the manga is only 10 chapters, but it seems like the author just pointlessly set this stuff up and then ended the manga.  It had the beginnings of an interesting plot with the sort-of antagonist. In the end, she's only the catalyst to get the main couple to solve their problems, but the story kind of just drops her and ends without showing how the female lead would deal with her actions.  It's only 10 chapters though and it's good enough to pass the time. You may enjoy it more if you've read both of the manga it stems from.

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