Housekeeper is the Magic Emperor

Alt title: Mo Huang Da Guan Jia

Ch: 130+
2019 - ?
4.336 out of 5 from 312 votes
Rank #1,203
Housekeeper is the Magic Emperor

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MAGIC EMPEROR If you like cultivation manga/manhua worth reading 100% P.S in the start +- 20ch are a ltl bit boring but the more you read the more interesting it becomes.... THIS REWIEV IS WRITTEN AFTER FIRST 100CH.. PS NOT PERFECT ENG IN MY REWIEW SRY... BUT YOU SHOULD UNDERSTAND Story - comparing to other cultivating manga/Manhua is very interesting and engaging.... on a higher level than many of the other manhua's The difference in the story than other cultivating manhua's is that this story not repeating it self like "Courting death" and randoms mobs appearing from nowhere. Every side story of the main story are fully explained and interesting.... Always exciting... and even the emotions are perfectly drawn like you read and feel something like sadness,rage,love,adranalin like rush b c*ka bl*at :::: 10/10 (Art / Fighting scenes) - comparing to "Solo leveling" and "The begging after the end" this be around 9/10 or even 9.5/10 atleast for me. Cuz the girls looks nice support characters looks different even the "courting death" "MOBS" don't feel the same like in other M.... and the fighting scenes are good ofcourse not 10/10 but +- better than most of the sh*y others copypaste cultivation manhua's :::: 9/10 Characters - like i said they are ok girls look nice sup characters has nice side story everything is explained. MC growning is Medium (not fast/not slow) and fully explained. :::: 10/10 Overall -  i don't know but atleast for me i read a lot of tra*h and sh*ty cultivation and there was some good of them... but this was perfect for me comparing to others so i cant ask for more... :::: 10/10 like and subscribe lol

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