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Household Affairs
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Oct 14, 2017

Household Affairs starts off as a complete clickbait for whoever is interested in random borderline-H, me included. The plot is fairly simple: a woman, always left alone at her house by her workaholic husband, cannot stand the lack of feelings in their marriage and the obscure life her husband has work-wise; that's when she decides to commit adultery with a fried chicken delivery boy that will become very possessive in no time.
Where's the plot twist on this? Just random NTR? Absolutely not. The twist lies in the fact that husbando is a criminal, one of the best (if not the best around actually) assassins in the market. Poor chicken delivery boy...
To get this out of the way as soon as possible: there is rape involved (both male and female); if you don't like this kind of content, you have my blessing to shift away and find something else to read, I completely understand.

Even though the manhwa really picks up towards the end of the story (making it really worth reading it), it's frustrating seeing the excessive amount of time the artist decided to reserve for sex scenes that make Household Affairs really close to hentai instead of developing a better story and even better characters.

Artstyle is definitely inconsistent and reminds me too much of hentai, which I'm not fan of: fellatio scenes with lips absurdly long, breasts shaking like a pair of maracas, profiles that for some reason went completely wrong. It's still more than decent and constantly improves the more the manhwa goes, but it could've been much better.

Characters are probably the best part of Household Affairs. In all their dumbness, you still have a good range of choice and you can pick whichever side you want: if you like the husband/assassin, if you feel bad for the delivery guy (please don't, he's the worst character), if you hate the wife for being like this. All secondary characters are worth their share of time and definitely helped the story for the better, trust me on this. 

The last 10 chapters of H.A. are definitely the best thing that could've happen to this manhwa and greatly recovered from all that rape bullshit we had to watch for god knows how long. One of the few cases where the ending in my opinion saves the whole project that, for the longest, was below average.

If you can get through all the absurdly long sex scenes (I decided to scroll down fast at one point, it was too much even for me), I can guarantee there's some good in this story and it's definitely worth picking up.

6/10 story
6/10 art
7/10 characters
6/10 overall
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Jan 30, 2016

  This is not NTR by going by the definition, but there is cheating. I should not be giving away any spoilers, because by the title alone one should guess what this story is about. Some folks defend the actions of the wife, but she is just a w***e. At least the husband has a reason why he is married to her, but the wife married him because I guess she loves or loved him? Yet, she is screwing around behind his back, why not just get a divorce?

1/10 story
6/10 art
1/10 characters
1/10 overall
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Dec 19, 2016

To start off, the art is grogeous and very eye pleasing. Ok, I was looking through some shoujo manga but was really sick of the cliche plot or boring characters and weak heroins, and just somehow came to this. At first the cover was already interesting, so I gave it a go. I WAS SHOCKED because I wasn't expecting a naked women the first thing I clicked on the manwha.(note to self, look at the genre first next time =.=) So I gave it my 3 chapters rule, which I see how the characters are or the plot to see if it's gonna be cliche or common or boring, if it is I skip to the middle and to the end and judge rather to drop or continue this manhwa. But to my total surprise, THE PLOT WAS SO INTERSTING. I don't really fancy the heroin nor the love scenes but I really want to see how all this ends. Don't get me wrong, it's what makes this manwha what it is, but I would prefer less of those scenes and more on the plot. This manwha really kept the "on edege" or "what's gonna happen" or "didn't see that coming" factor. I say give it a go. You might really like it.

8/10 story
9/10 art
6/10 characters
8/10 overall
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Sep 16, 2020


To everyone who reads these lines don't say I didn't warn you in time.


The whole manga revolves around a WIFE who has an AFFAIR... well who would have guessed?

After reading it 'till the 29th chapter I dropped this because it was so boring and there was no progression in the story whatsoever. Later on I contiuned but oh boy.... This whole 7X chapters are just an average hentai anyone would read on sites made for those kind of mangas. Basically anyone who read the first 5-10 chapters knows the whole story. After you read the beforehand mentioned chapters you can skip to chapter 65 (if you wanna suffer reading it) or to 70 if you want the story to actually progress. All chapters between the previously mentioned ones are only fillers. With s*x scenes and more s*x scenes. And that's all there is to it.

Maybe 1/10 if I WOULD want to be kind I MAY give it a 2/10 but I'm not. Muhahaha.


Maybe the best part of the whole manga was the art. It's obviously not an old manga and It's clear that it was drawn on PC/Tablet so there is not much bad to say about it. I've seen some better ones obviously but considering someone had to actually draw it and took his/her own time to do it I'd say it's a decent art.

5 or 6/10


I can't really speak about the characters in a good way. So I'll at least try to be a bit "milder" about this section. The wife is well... she is as the title says not a good woman. Sleeping with different guys while thinking about useless cr*p and not doing anything slightly progressive throughout the entire story. My favorite part about her was the ending part. (For those who read it, y'all know what I'm talking about.) The husband was an interesting guy but there are a lot more killer/assassin MCs out there in the universe who are 1000 times better than him. The other MC guy aka. "Delivery guy" was the typical kinda guy you'd find in NTR/Cheating hentai tags. My favorite character (and maybe the only likable one) the redhead chick who did... things. At least a bit properly. 

Sadly the minimum requiements anyone would want from a manga wasn't there. Aaaand yes it's the developement of the characters. All the characters did whatever the f*ck they wanted. Sometimes going left. Next chapter going right. Not even the tiniest of change from the start.



I don't even know when was the last time I read something similarly horrible manga. And trust me if I say i read some really really bad ones. Saddest part about all this is the fact that I wasted my time reading this. Never ever would I like to even think about this in the future.


PS.: As english is not my mother tongue I may had some misspellings or some errors in my grammar. I hope It's still readable and not a mess :( If it's truly bad then the point of all this is: DO NOT READ IT (not as a manga nor as a hentai) BUT IF YOU ALREADY DID THEN MY CONDOLENCES.

1/10 story
6/10 art
1/10 characters
3/10 overall
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Feb 19, 2018

Household Affairs was all over the place, story-wise, and I felt very involved as the reader with all of he characters' decisions and lives while reading it.

The characters and plot that the story follows is very interesting, with new background being revealed every chapter.

I also felt that the character development was very strong throughout the manwha, even though there were times that seemed out-of-character or unrealistic.

Then, finally, the ending was not at all what I had expected. It wasn't that it necessarily left me unfulfilled, but it definitely took me by surprise.

Overall, I found this manwha to be very interesting, with a variety of characters, secrets, romances, and of course, sex scenes.

9/10 story
10/10 art
9/10 characters
9.5/10 overall
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