Household Affairs

Ch: 74
2015 - 2017
3.242 out of 5 from 691 votes
Rank #25,513
Household Affairs

Neglected wife commits adultery with the delivery boy, but unbeknownst to her, her husband is an assassin.

Source: MU

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Household Affairs starts off as a complete clickbait for whoever is interested in random borderline-H, me included. The plot is fairly simple: a woman, always left alone at her house by her workaholic husband, cannot stand the lack of feelings in their marriage and the obscure life her husband has work-wise; that's when she decides to commit adultery with a fried chicken delivery boy that will become very possessive in no time.Where's the plot twist on this? Just random NTR? Absolutely not. The twist lies in the fact that husbando is a criminal, one of the best (if not the best around actually) assassins in the market. Poor chicken delivery boy... To get this out of the way as soon as possible: there is rape involved (both male and female); if you don't like this kind of content, you have my blessing to shift away and find something else to read, I completely understand. Even though the manhwa really picks up towards the end of the story (making it really worth reading it), it's frustrating seeing the excessive amount of time the artist decided to reserve for sex scenes that make Household Affairs really close to hentai instead of developing a better story and even better characters. Artstyle is definitely inconsistent and reminds me too much of hentai, which I'm not fan of: fellatio scenes with lips absurdly long, breasts shaking like a pair of maracas, profiles that for some reason went completely wrong. It's still more than decent and constantly improves the more the manhwa goes, but it could've been much better. Characters are probably the best part of Household Affairs. In all their dumbness, you still have a good range of choice and you can pick whichever side you want: if you like the husband/assassin, if you feel bad for the delivery guy (please don't, he's the worst character), if you hate the wife for being like this. All secondary characters are worth their share of time and definitely helped the story for the better, trust me on this.  The last 10 chapters of H.A. are definitely the best thing that could've happen to this manhwa and greatly recovered from all that rape bullshit we had to watch for god knows how long. One of the few cases where the ending in my opinion saves the whole project that, for the longest, was below average. If you can get through all the absurdly long sex scenes (I decided to scroll down fast at one point, it was too much even for me), I can guarantee there's some good in this story and it's definitely worth picking up.

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