House Garnet's Archvillain

Alt title: Gongjakgaui Heukmak Young-Ae-nim

Ch: 48+
2022 - ?
3.752 out of 5 from 287 votes
Rank #15,332
House Garnet's Archvillain

Estelle, the empire's saint, was an illegitimate child who tried her best to be loved by her family and fiancé... until they sacrificed her to a demon for the sake of their greed. After 600 years of being tortured, she makes a deal with the demon to return by possessing the body of Jewel de Garnet, the only child of a powerful noble family. With her new identity and fierce determination, will Estelle successfully carry out her revenge? Or will someone from her past stop her from doing so?

Source: Tapas

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