Houkago x Ponytail

Alt title: After School x Ponytail

Vol: 1; Ch: 6
3.928 out of 5 from 417 votes
Rank #4,604
Houkago x Ponytail

Natsuki, an otaku high-school girl who'd rather spend her money on manga than pretty dresses, accidentally injures a creepy-looking mangaka named Kiritani Taichi. To repay him, she agrees to be his character model until he fully heals. Kiritani turns out to be a popular shoujo mangaka under the name Ichijou Kiriko, who is also Natsuki’s favorite author! Plus, underneath that disheveled hair Kiritani is actually a good-looking man! What will become of these two?

Source: MU

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LadyPsychic May 2, 2016
Score 7.5/10

Story This manga is the story of a girl who falls in love with a mangaka.  While the plot is nothing particularly groudbreaking, I did find it to be cute, funny, and enjoyable.  Though there are several shoujo cliches, this manga does them well and even seems to be self aware of it. Art The art isn't great, but it isn't terrible either.  It does it's job, but not much... read more



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