Hotel: Since 2079

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Hotel: Since 2079

A computer continues to exist in order to complete a mission to preserve life in an extinct world. This is a record of its heroic 27 million year struggle.

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The scope of time this manga covers is unfathomable. Centuries and millennia pass by with barely a panel or two showing what went on during each timeskip. There is a tower and an arc. The arc is a spaceship that left earth to colonize a faraway planet with human DNA while the tower remained on the earth and implicitly only preserved non-human DNA (it's said that humans don't deserve to be preserved because of their destructive nature). The tower is preserving DNA because the world is undergoing dramatic shifts in the environment from global warming, making it unable to hold life. We are shown the tower's AI system named Louis making repairs to the tower and itself and learning and growing in the process--ultimately leading to Louis rebuilding the tower to be more resilient than it started out. I enjoyed seeing these developments and I also appreciated how even as Louis was innovating and improving the tower, the rate of deterioration was still rising and we can feel feir inevitable doom encroaching upon fem. The parts I least enjoyed actually involved the humans, most notably Kira and feir drama. Also, the artwork would be better described as functional than beautiful. It's alright, it gets across the ideas it's trying to get across. But the people make me think of wax statues or something, the way that their mouths rarely open when they're talking and when they do open it doesn't look natural. And a large number of panels after humanity's demise are simply showing a part of the tower amidst clouds. The repairs are more implied than clearly shown, and though I can understand that that's done intentionally (by not focusing too much on any one thing it shows the insignificance of specific events when compared to the millions of years this story encompasses) it still makes the artwork feel less engaging than it could've been.

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