Hot Gimmick S (Light Novel)

Vol: 1; Ch: 10
2.919 out of 5 from 79 votes
Rank #14,368
Hot Gimmick S (Light Novel)

Hatsumi Narita lives in a typical company housing complex with her seemingly typical family, but the dramatic turn her life is about to take is anything but, well, typical. Her precocious younger sister Akane is way too popular with boys, her childhood friend Azusa, now a hunky male model, might want to ruin her life, her super-mean and very privileged neighbor Ryoki considers her his slave, and her dreamy older brother Shinogu might not be what he seems at all. What is a hapless heroine to do?

Source: Viz

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nasreen10 Feb 15, 2010
Score 1.5/10

My review for Hot Gimmick sums up my feelings for the base of this novel but the novel proves to be only a slight bit better. The ending is......a little bit better than Hot Gimmick which wouldn't be hard to do. However, the writing style is atrocious along with the plot. It is utterly predictable. No Ryoki makes the novel like having your skin burned with a lighter instead of like in Hot Gimmick where it was... read more

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