Hot Gimmick

Vol: 12; Ch: 54
2000 - 2005
3.364 out of 5 from 955 votes
Rank #9,843
Hot Gimmick

Hatsumi Narita is caught buying a pregnancy test for her sister by Ryouki - the son of the Tachibana family who owns the apartment complex Hatsumi lives in. Ryouki, who used to bully Hatsumi when she was a child, attempts to blackmail Hatsumi and, fearing for the reputation of her family, she agrees to become his slave. But when her childhood friend, Azusa, suddenly moves back to the complex, he resumes his role of protecting Hatsumi from Ryouki. With complicated love stories and various hidden family secrets, it appears that this gossip-mongering housing complex is not quite so typical after all.

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morgatronthecat's avatar
morgatronthecat Feb 2, 2015
Score 4/10

wow this is a biggie. i bought the omnibus with three boks in one and boy was that a mistake. MAJOR SPOILERS DON'T READ AHEAD IF YOU DON'T WANT IT SPOILED. it's about a horribly stupid girl who, because she loves her slutty little sister, goes out and buys apregnacy test because she's awful young (she's not a slut because she's fourteen and had sex, but because she's uber popular with the boys and wants to date... read more

sabrielsharmony's avatar
sabrielsharmony Sep 25, 2013
Score 1.5/10

Story: The beginning story line seems quite promising with a boy catching a girl and holding a secret over her head in exchange for her being his slave( similair to kare kano). However, after the first couple of chapters it all goes down hill. Too many references to forced and awkward sexual tensions ruins the whole story by distracting from the main story line. Basically, your run of the mill harlequin spin on... read more

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