Hot Boss, Boardroom Mistress

Alt title: Kaigishitsu no Koibito

Vol: 1
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Hot Boss, Boardroom Mistress

Amanda's breath catches in her throat. Suddenly, in the empty boardroom, Jared embraces her, stealing a kiss from her. But they were in the middle of a meeting! That didn't matter to her, though...she's wanted Jared since she was sixteen. Back then, she had been a spoiled princess and he had been a delinquent from a broken family. But now their positions are reversed, and he's the prince, running his own business, while Amanda is working for him. Even if he's just using her to satisfy his desires, she has no regrets about their relationship. But then, Jared is disturbed to find out that Amanda is still a virgin! 

Source: Harlequin

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