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Alt title: The Sea of Fallen Beasts

Horobishi Kemonotachi no Umi
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Feb 13, 2024

This manga is a collection of 5 stories. Despite the site saying it has 8 chapters, it only has 7. I couldn't find any more information, but the 7th story has a conclusion, so maybe there's just a small short story at the end? Anyway, the stories are all related to sea stuff, creatures, ships, and are mostly set during WWII and the Cold War, except for the 3rd story which, if the manga wasn't made in 1996, I would say was bought by the WEF to preach some eco bullshit. Maybe it was bought by Greenpeace though. The stories in this collection are not that good; some are better than others, but overall, I would say they are all average. The author has some better stuff. The art is very good, nothing to complain about in this regard, except that the main character always looks the same, not only in this collection but in most of his stories. What's up with that? All in all, I would recommend it, even though it is far from the best from this author.

5/10 story
8.5/10 art
6/10 characters
7/10 overall
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