Hoppe ni Himawari - Custom lists

Hoppe ni Himawari
  • Aogeba Toutoshi
  • Aku no Kadou wo Ikimashou
  • Aku no Kadou wo Ikimashou (Light Novel)
  • A Chubby Girlfriend and Her Sweet-Toothed Boyfriend: Soft, Syrupy Exercise With You
  • Accel World

Plus-Sized Protagonists by AnnaSartin

Not everyone has a picture-perfect body, but they can still have exciting, hilarious, romantic, or fascinating stories to tell. So here's a list full of them, and a few stereotypical weight-loss stories that we can somehow never...

  • Go For It, Nakamura!
  • Dekoboko Sugar Days
  • Caramel
  • Blue Sky Complex
  • Akihabara Fall in Love

✩ wholesome BL mangas ✩ by kimbap

cute shit to wash all the sin away, at least for a bit ( 人´∀`).☆ (*may contain smut and angst, but mostly fluff.)