Vol: 6; Ch: 21
2013 - 2015
3.874 out of 5 from 66 votes
Rank #4,999

Hikari is an ordinary girl who can always be found in the corner of the classroom, drawing manga. After a fateful encounter, she dashes toward her dream! The girls’ battle begins now--through manga.

Source: MU

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aztroexorcist11 Aug 19, 2017
Score 8/10

I first picked up Hope thinking it was some fluffy shoujo story about a girl chasing her dreams, but boy was I wrong. This manga can get really intense, so be prepared... Hope follows a girl's dream to become a mangaka. However on her journey to becoming a pro, she encounters every single obstacle that could ever possibly come through her way, but she overcomes them all.  Story: One thing this manga... read more



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