Ch: 222
2015 - 2019
4.395 out of 5 from 841 votes
Rank #68

Dani and Dorian have missed the bus of the school of magic. Now, they must find someone who teach them how to be a great and good witches... Or maybe not.​

Source: Webtoon

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I really do wish this comic was less underrated. While it does start out quite slow and almost appears as a slice-of-life at the beginning, that changes dramatically if you continue past the first arc or so. The adventure it spins becomes more and more enthralling and exciting the further you read. The story is so artfully woven that at a certain point it becomes impossible to put down. The character development in terms of individual characters and even their relationships with one another is incredible and seemless and I fell in love with the artwork from the very beginning. It has a comprehensible ending that ties everything together beautifully (which I really like because those series that go on forever kinda annoy me). Finally, the heart-warming and iron-forged bond between the two protagonist twins truly touched me in a way that I haven't really experienced from many other series.  The only negatives I have to warn against are that the english and the grammar are noticeably bad in the beginning, as english is the author's second lamguage (although they do improve later on). This could be an issue for people who are especially troubled by this sort of thing. My only other real critique is that it has a pretty slow start that can sometimes push away potential readers who don't know how much it improves. I speak from experience regarding this, as I as well stopped reading it at one point because of this. However, after a recommendation from a friend, I revisited it. Trust me when I say that continuing past that point and putting your time into this comic is definitely worth it. 

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