Honey x Honey Drops

Alt title: Mitsu x Mitsu Drops

Vol: 8; Ch: 47
2004 - 2006
3.645 out of 5 from 982 votes
Rank #9,035
Honey x Honey Drops

Yuzuru Hagino isn't just a girl - she's a slave. Her "master" is Kai Renge, a sadistic womanizer who enjoys playing with his "honeys" - students who have their expenses paid in full at Houjou Academy in exchange for helping their masters graduate - and then throwing them away. All Yuzuru wants is to excel at her studies, but she must also fend off Kai's wandering hands and dodge his onslaught of degrading insults at the same time. With master/honey basketball games and competitor masters out to steal her away, Yuzuru will do whatever it takes to impress her master and graduate the Academy.

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Important Note: Before Honey x Honey Drops lovers beat me for my low review scores, I think it's important to say that I based my scores on objectively looking at what each catagory deserves. Not my personal like or dislike of the manga. I actually could have went a little lower on the Art Catagory, but I tend to grade a bit high so nothing is below a 5 in art unless it is Hideous. I'll get to my personal opinion in the review. I just feel it's only fair so people don't start the story with unrealistic expectations.  Story:  Honey x Honey Drops has a pretty decent story. That being said, the rich boy and poor girl falling in love and fighting to be recognized by others has been done so many times, I cannot call this story unique in any way. However, even though it is not unique it still arguably manages to carry the readers interest through to the end. That is probably because some of the funny interactions and messed up situations the characters find themselves in at times or it could just be for the smut which some people enjoy even if the drawings are horrible. Anyway, if I am being honest, the manga has a pull to it that I cannot quite understand given the overall quality.  Art: The art is HORRIBLE! I am not over dramatizing this either. It's sad too because the guys faces look good. However, the girls, especially the main character, look like aliens. It's weird that not many people seem to notice this, but the girl main character's eyes are freakishly big even for manga standards. If it was just the ailen faced girls it would be forgiveable. After all, somehow the mangaka made it so that some people don't notice it or still find it cute. However, that is not the worst of it. There are 2 artistic flaws which are 100 times worse here. One is proportions. It's really bad sometimes. When a main character guy's hands are big enough to wrap around the girls waist. That's rediculous. Thats not the only issue with proportions either but I'll leave it at that because it leads me to the 3rd and worst problem with the art. The alien hands. Every character in this manga has alien hands. They are rediculously big for their bodies and look really weird. Take a look when they show pictures of the hands and you will see what I mean. If you pay attention at all to the art you will see the issue. Now, to be perfectly clear, this is not the only manga to ever have proportion and hand issues. I can name at least 2 or 3 off the top of my head that have the same problem. However, when continuously going into smutty scenes proportions become more important. At least in my eyes, which is why it needs to be mentioned.  It is truly rare for me to have so much to say in the art catagory given that I am not a artist and I am pretty accepting of most manga art but this? No way. I have to say something. Especially since people are still arriving at decent scores which makes me wonder if they are even reading the same manga as me.  Characters: The characters in this manga range from interesting to annoying. That is why I gave the whole catagory a 6. -The main alien girl (she's not really an alien just looks like one), seems interesting when they introduce her, but as her character develops more and more, I start to wonder if she is made to be offensive to women. Slutty, Weird looking, and Stupid. This is what defines her. Her only decent characteristic as time goes on becomes her devotion to the male main character. If the rating was based on her alone I'd give the catagory a 3. But, it's not. She has a penchant for only seeing things from her own narrow point of view. Which is why she often gets into trouble and makes stupid mistakes. However, as the main character so aptly put it in the beginning. She probably is good for killing time. Her stupidity could be entertaining to some extent. - The main character guy is your traditional handsome manga high school jerk. He cannot communicate his feelings and is nasty and rude most of the time in the beginning. So he matches the Main character girl quite a bit in this way. He has some good qualities but other than his looks (minus his alien hands) you have to get to know him to understand what is underneath his Cocky Jerk front. He shows to be way more mature and smart than the female main character, which is the opposite of real life when high schoolers date within the same grade level. It is usually the women who mentally and phisically mature faster than men. However, that is not anything to really harp on. This guy is not so bad and he is the main who holds the manga up and keeps it from falling apart. - There are many interesting secondary characters (friends of the main characters and antagonists) they are actually created pretty well and some of them are pretty interesting. Overall: Overall, I would say, if you can get past the artistic flaws and like shoujo romance with a lot of smut. This one will do nicely for you. If you are picky about art or don't like smut and cannot handle stupid characters then I'd skip over this one. This manga had it's good moments and can be quite funny. So, although I harp on it's real issues, I do not feel I wasted my time reading this. 


Honey x Honey Drops is a manga that is far from my usual genres (at least in manga).  I liked it fine, but let me preface everything by saying that this manga is for mature audiences only.  It deals with alot of sexual topics and includes some nudity. In order for me to explain the plot, I need to first explain how the school system works.  Within the elite school that the main character, Hagino Yuzuru, attends, there is a class called the Kuge, which is for the Masters.  The Masters are a group of high schoolers from esteemed families.  Each Master chooses a Honey to assist them through the school year.  These Honeys will, for compensation, attend school for free.  For Hagino Yuzuru, this is important because her family isn't well off and her little brother is attending a private music school. Yuzuru's Master is Renge Kai, a boy with a bad reputation for being a player.  Kai is a very forceful individual and thinks badly of Yuzuru for accepting the position as his Honey for money (even though it was him who forced her into the position); he believes that she is no better than a prostitute, therefore, he treats her like one to begin with.  After a while, their relationship grows into something a bit more, but without hardships.  There's one other Master, Yurioka Chihaya, (who refuses to have a Honey) who wants to seperate them using any means possible.  He'll play his part throughout the entire series while another antagonist steps in.  This person is Kai's fiance, Kayaka. The characters are well rounded and the manga touches on the relationships of the other Masters and their Honeys as well.  Yuzuru is one of those characters that I don't usually like.  She's "ditsy" and annoying at times.  She's like a child half the time and you just wait for her to start crying again.  My favorite characters, though, were Kuki Genjo, Sakuragi Nayuta, and Yurioka Chihaya.  Genjo and Nayuta are Honey and Master and they've been together since childhood (^_^ MOE!!). The artwork was my biggest problem with this manga.  I hate how the girls and kids faces are drawn.  They look like aliens because the faces are so thin and the eyes are so huge.  The guys are drawn very well and I love the profiles most of all.  It's also very easy to read, too.  There isn't too many side notes or too many words all over the place to confuse you. I had the most fun with this manga just waiting to see what Chihaya would do next!  If you like this sort of thing, you should definitely check it out.  It's not something that I would read again, but I'd recommend it to anyone interested in high school drama, romance, and ecchi.


I enjoyed this manga for what it was: an easy-to-read smut. I enjoyed the honey-master scenario created, but I feel like there could have been more to it. I also don’t care for the characters much at all. As with most of Minami Kanan’s works, the characters are your typical weak female who falls in love with a perfect sexy guy. In the first chapter, Yuzuru showed real promise as a strong female who wouldn’t take crap from anyone; she slapped him for simply not paying his bill. Then, when she gets alone with him, she is powerless to protect herself from being molested. Albeit, Kai is an extremely sexy rapist, so it’s fine for the sake of the manga. Kai and Yuzuru’s relationship is based on her serving him, but I guess that’s fine for them as well. Another thing that seriously bothered me was her family. They were completely useless. They allow their daughter to stay multiple nights with this boy because he is her “master,” but when she is not being paid to be a honey, they trip out over their daughter having sex with him? Then, when she gets a new master, they straight-up allow her to live with him? Whaaaat. It’s just frustratingly stupid. There were quite a few story arcs that also seemed forced to me. There was plenty of psychological material to work with in this universe, but most of the turmoil was focused on pointless things – the “Drop Games” for instance. I think the manga would have been just fine wrapped up in three volumes instead of stretched all the way out to eight. I’m not saying I didn’t like the manga…I definitely enjoyed it. If you’re looking for a smutty manga with a sexy main dude, then give this a read. The art is great!

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