Honey x Bullet

Vol: 4; Ch: 19
2011 - 2012
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Honey x Bullet

Motoko and her younger brother Satoru come to America to live with their grandfather after their parents' deaths. When the siblings run away from home and get lost in the desert, they stumble upon a once-in-ten-years Native American festival. During a puppet show, the chieftain-puppet announces that only upon this rare occasion the Great Spirit will send his thunderbirds to grant peoples' wishes. Motoko prays to "go back in time" to the days when her parents were alive. Suddenly Motoko and Satoru are transported back in time—to the late 1800s, the time of the cowboys! There they meet up with the handsome bandit, Vincent, and the dashing but devious "gentleman," Heath, and their adventures in the Wild Wild West begin!

Source: MU

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