Honey, I’m Going On a Strike

Alt titles: Baroness Goes On Strike, Yeobo, Na Paeopalgeyo

Ch: 37+
2021 - ?
4.402 out of 5 from 366 votes
Rank #1,792
Honey, I’m Going On a Strike

Cassia was the daughter of a wealthy count and was well-known for her beauty. Perhaps that's why the emperor orders her to marry Jester, a war hero and a commoner (given the title of Baron). Greze was so small and barren that it was difficult to make a living, and her husband was blunt and went to the battlefield every day, making it difficult to see his face. She struggled for 10 years, but eventually died of an incurable disease. Full of hatred and resentment towards her husband, she thought she had come to heaven after she died, but she saw her husband lying naked next to her. She finds out that she has returned to the day after she got married. Since she will die in 10 years anyway, she decides that she will become a waste of money, playing and eating without doing anything. However, it seems that her husband is a bit different from before. 

Source: MU

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Okay, this is going to be the first time I write an actual review so please bear with me.... But, this series fet a bit too unnatural to me, it starts off with your typical FL being regretfull of her life and blah blah blah but in actuality, the forces that lead her into this position were her own naiveity. Sure there were extraneous forces but they were basically: A.) there was a commoner turned hero general person thing, B.) the emperor wanted to reward him so he gave him a title and a woman, C.) the woman (our FL) is neglected because the husband was a power hungry/war obssesed freak. Nowehere was it sateted that she couldn't divorce him (other than the whole losing face within high society, but then again she was like one of the most admired women second only by the emperors daughters), then she moved to this barren wasteland where she was "forced" to handle all of the houses responsibilities as well as management of the land because "dumb ML apparently doesn't have the capacity to learn how to manage anything even after 10 years of being married" - the driving force behind her mosery is the fact that she believed she had to do all this by herself and was either too scared or didn't wanna talk to her husband. Ok i get it, naive person in the first life - but better and more jaded person in the second life right? No, instead of trying to rectify anythining, she stubbornly holds onto two very different beliefs 1.) she wants her chlldren to be born (who were with her when she dies in the first life), and 2.) she wants to divorce her husband... LIKE WHAT??????? Ok, i get that he was cold and went to war most of the time, but as you read on, the whole problem instead forms into a probalem about COMMUNICATION. THe plot is revolved around misunderstanding, miscommunication, lots and lots of idiocy from the supposed regressor FL. In one instance she get all butthurt when the ML's SOUNDS like hes having an affair with his childhood bestfriend, but when the FL's bestfriend does the same thing? NOOOO "THEY'RE JUST VERY GOOD FRIENDS".  TL:DR: The FL sucks ass, the guy doesn't sound as bad as he actually does, and the motivation for whatever the hell the FL is doing is lackluster at most. Would not recommend unless you're there for the art, which is actually kinda nice.

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