Honey Catch

Alt title: Hollow Lovers

Ch: 101
2016 - 2018
4.244 out of 5 from 353 votes
Rank #615
Honey Catch

When it comes to attracting women, Chu Lin has always had it easy. That is, until Chu Lin’s girlfriend dumps him on the same day he loses his job. Depressed about the future, a drunken Chu stumbles into the loving arms of a stranger—a man named Ziming Liang.  Can a failed one-night stand really lead to a true love story?

Source: Tapas

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What a ride! Totally worth getting into it... [not too sure what the review stating this manhua is about the 2 guys fighting over another one was about...]An immature cute boy is about to become a man. A not so much more mature one is about to be swayed... MmhmmI like my manhua to be about LGBTQI+ themes and this one doesn't disappoint! Also I like mature Yaoi, this is not one and I really enjoyed reading it. This is a great Shounen-Ai, and it is not immature writing either. I don't know if you are like me, but the whole 85 chapters to get a kiss is not my cup of tea... It's a great piece. The story is not shallow, despite the set up being in the fashion industry (it's a shame we don't get more into the real challenges both characters really face) and speaks about many challenges young gay men can go through (and not only about coming out). Of course, DO NOT WORRY, you will find the usual seme-uke stuff you love and the whole Oh-but-I-said-I-am-straight-tralala One noticeable thing: I had the chance to read this one in one go (so much better to write reviews than getting one chapter a week) and I can say each chapter is short but straight to the point. it is such a great force, it adds to much to it and twice my heart skip a beat, to be honest! Twice for my old age is a LOT >>>The characters are not as strong as they could to back it all off, but it's one we will forgive the manhuajia because they are simply so gorgeous. Still, sometimes, it is too much shallowness in their conversation or some conversation are just avoided and they shouldn't have been, cause the story deserved better characters to serve it. But still pretty rare for characters to evolve that much so still loved it... But like I said, the Art is STUNNING. And the expressions, especially the ones from Chuchu are just really so well created!  Well done Wang Tao: that's an 8  ***Thanks for reading! Don't hesitate to leave a comment on my profile to let me know what you think!***

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