Vol: 15; Ch: 166
2003 - 2011
4.303 out of 5 from 741 votes
Rank #1,186

Susamu Nakoshi, a man disillusioned with life, meets Manabu Ito, a young medical student bored with life. To relieve his boredom Ito offers Nakoshi 700,000 yen to undergo a trepanning to see if it will unlock his sixth sense, and Nakoshi eventually agrees. However, much to his dismay and chagrin it actually succeeds, and now Nakoshi must contend with seeing homunculi, the metaphysical and symbolic representations of a person's psychological disorder. He now helps people, usually against his own will and often theirs as well, with resolving their psychological problems.

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Varagauzer's avatar
Varagauzer Nov 28, 2017
Score 9/10

Homunclus are not monsters, hallucinations or reality, they are just the truth This has certainly been an intresting read, it really dives deep into what people are on the outside vs what they truly are on the inside. The story begind with Mr. Nakoshi who is a person trying to find where he belongs eventually he meets Ito who drills a hole in his skull and the stroy picks up from there. One thing that was... read more

goskate211's avatar
goskate211 Dec 16, 2014
Score 10/10

SPOILER! Great manga my mind has been raped!!! :O The dude was fucked up in the head to begin with. Nanako already was awakened way before she met nakoshi. I think the homunculus he saw were demons/emotions like fear,sadness,despair,regret. Those were the emotions that he could never overcome...."just a little bit of courage" is what we need..sometimes. The art was the best you could get, chracters... read more



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