Hold Me Safe

Ch: 30+
2020 - ?
4.006 out of 5 from 53 votes
Rank #6,036
Hold Me Safe

Is it a good or bad idea to have your ideal type as your bodyguard? Young bestselling author Han Jaehwa is about to find out. With three hit novels and a slew of film adaptations, not to mention a flood of media attention for his chic good looks, Jaehwa seems to have everything going for him…but fame comes at a price. After a stalker breaks into his home, Jaehwa decides to hire a bodyguard for some inner peace. Seong Taekyung is seasoned and capable, everything you’d want in a bodyguard. The only problem is that he’s way too hot, and Jaehwa can’t keep his eyes off him. Hounded both by a stalker and by his own turbulent feelings, Jaehwa must face not only the enemies of his past but also his own longstanding intimacy issues with Taekyung's help.

Source: Lezhin

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