Hitotsu Shikanai Mono

Alt title: The One and Only Thing

Vol: 1; Ch: 5
4.294 out of 5 from 123 votes
Rank #1,435
Hitotsu Shikanai Mono

Homosexual university student Haruhi Sakagami has low self-esteem and is tired of people comparing him to his twin brother. Trying to find his own individuality, he ventures into Nichoume, Tokyo's gay district, and begins living a double life as a prostitute named "Kazuki". Wanting to defile himself, he carelessly lets himself be used by random strangers; but when a kind-hearted salaryman named Masahiro Tachibana takes him home and cares for him after an encounter with an especially violent client, Haruhi begins to regret his self-destructive behavior. As the two men grow closer over time, Haruhi finds himself falling in love... and, in the process, begins learning how to love himself as well.

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