History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi

Alt title: Shijou Saikyou no Deshi Kenichi

Vol: 61; Ch: 583
2002 - 2014
4.538 out of 5 from 3,928 votes
Rank #478
History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi

Shirihama Kenichi is a weak scaredy-cat, and his status as the karate club's punching bag has earned him the name of ‘Weak Legs'. One day Kenichi meets Miu and, impressed by her skill after she effortlessly throws him to the ground, he follows her to the Ryouzanpaku dojo. There he finds five great masters of martial arts, and driven by his desire to become stronger, he begs them to accept him as their student - though it won't be easy. Kenichi endures harsh training (and injury) from Akisame - the philosophizing Jujitsu master; Apachai - the Muay Thai ‘God of Death'; Kensei - the ecchi Chinese Kempo Master; and Shigure - the weapons prodigy. Finally after proving his determination, he is accepted by Shio - the 100-dan Karate Master, who had initially wanted nothing to do with him. Now Kenichi walks the long and arduous path to becoming a master himself, all whilst trying to protect those he cares about from anyone who would dare to harm them.

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Story: A nerd/geek/outcast, or at least that's how I see him, enters highschool. Being bullied when he was younger and having no friends, Kenichi reads books. One day while walking to school he meets a girl, who throws him, causing a book to fall out of his hand. Opinion(s): I pretty much read the manga two months ago, so I can't remember the beginning. The plot shows Kenichi become stronger through training, surprise the dude is just a regular person with no out-of-nowhere power ups, with the help of 4 masters. The reason for his training is that Kenichi has become a target to local delinquents and it just escalates from there, to the point where he is fighting in a war against a large organization. Around the 300s I began to lose interest in the manga and had to force myself to read the next 100 chapters or so. If it wasn't for the tournament arc I would've gave the manga up sooner. Art: Teenage girls and women with Triple G breast sizes. Characters: I'll first begin with the relationships, or lack there of. Kenichi and Miu - Sure they like each other, but it's hard for me to even see a relationship between the two. Either that or I'm just slow. Ukita's love trianle - I'll understand if he likes Nanjo, which may explained why he joined as one of her underlings or began to like her while being an underling. What came out of nowhere was Kugatachi's crush on him. But this triangle makes him, somewhat, a lucky basterd. Back to general character bashing. Shigure is a master which is just there for either Ecchi moments or comic relief ones, which makes me forget she is a master to begin with. Her battles are either just fan service or off screen, out of view slashes. Still on topic with masters and fights, no matter how epic they are, they all end the same with the people of Ryozanpaku winning or a draw. The only one who would lose is Kenichi but because of training he wins the rematch.  There's a lot of characters I could go over but I forgot most of them, some of the characters were never important, and I would just keep writing for awhile. Overall: If you like long shonen mangas that have the protagonist actually training and aging, a man saying Apa all the time, or just Chic's with large breasts, then read this manga. Most rambling I did so far. Makes sense, 400+ chapters.  -JC

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