Hiraeth: The End of the Journey

Alt title: Hiraeth wa Tabiji no Hate

Vol: 3; Ch: 17
2020 - 2022
3.982 out of 5 from 39 votes
Rank #4,057
Hiraeth: The End of the Journey

After the death of her best friend, Mika is determined to follow her into the grave. But her suicide attempt introduces her to a world unlike any she's ever seen...full of gods and spirits and entities of which she could never have dreamed. But even with this world of wonder, can she find a way out of her sorrow?

Source: Kodansha

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Yet another Magnum Opus by Kamatani Yuhki. 🙏🙏 As always, the art is truly an eyecandy, the way the author draws each single page feels like a steady flowing river, with many sparkles and beautiful flowers. Using visual metaphors to accurately portray the feelings of the characters, one can literally feel what this character is going through.  Here we get introduced to Mika, a young girl who lost herself to grief after her best friend's death, and is determined to die so that she can meet her once again. After failing to die once, she meets a Mysterious immortal man and a God travelling together. Finding out that they are going to Yomi, the land of the death, Mika decides to join in the party.  It's a bittersweet story involving heavy themes of death, accurately portraying what it is like to lose someone, the complex emotions one goes through while grieving. During their journey they encounter all sorts of people. Each character is as complex as the other, creating a unique mix of interactions between each other.  Mika seems like an ordinary happy girl, but hidden within is emotionally vulnerable girl who still can't process the death of her friend. An immortal man that has lived who knows how many years, incapable of dying, he has seen his close one die in all sorts of ways, yet he can't pass on with them. He wanders the land, in search of his soul mate, yet after years upon years, he still hasn't found them.  A unnamed God forgotten in the dunes of time, slowly disappearing over the decades, they decided to travel to the land of death - visiting his fellow Gods on the way - to pass away in peace. 

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