Himegimi to Sanbiki no Kemono

Alt title: The Princess and the Three Beasts

Vol: 4; Ch: 12
2008 - 2011
4.285 out of 5 from 661 votes
Rank #1,453
Himegimi to Sanbiki no Kemono

The royal palace of the kingdom of Alba Forest received one letter of advance notice. That is, "We shall take the last treasure left behind by the late king to his beloved daughter, Violet." The sender of that letter was a group of robbers called the "Three Beasts." When Violet meets one of them by chance, the crow, her life changes greatly...!

Source: MU

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What I have to say about this story: This manga is the epitome of Traditional Shoujo Romance all the way down to the finest detail. That being said, the story is full of overly done character introductions, extremely cliche and over dramatized situations, steriotypical main character types which includes but is not limited to: the naive princess, the pirate, the overprotective palace guard, and the superpowered strong silent type guy. There's even a reverse harem (of sorts) pining after the same woman. So yeah.... if traditional shojo romance is your thing, you will probably like it enough and get some enjoyment out of reading it. It's only 4 volumes so it's not monumentally long. It's not a waste of time, but if you've read lots of manga it  most likely won't be something you remember as your favorite either. More than likely after reading this it will just slip into the back of your memory with the plethora of other manga that was not awsome nore horrible, where it will live out the rest of it's days as a faint memory when you glance at the title and move on. Story - 7/10 - The story has a lot of overly cliche stuff to it, though with it being a love story about a princess and a commoner, an author would be hard pressed to come up with something that has not already been done. The thing that always bothers me about these types is their shallowness. There is nothing I cannot see comming in this story. That is why I avoid ALL school life anime and manga for the most part, this one follows the same vein just without the school.  Art - 7/10 - The art is typical of shoujo manga of this type. There are a few flaws in the action scenes but depending on your focus you probably won't notice. It's about average for a shoujo romance manga. Characters - 6.5/10 - The characters are as cliche as they come and the names that the author gave to the group of thieves was pretty unimaginative. The antagonist is probably my favorite character and the only one that really has any amount of mysteriousness or decent amount of depth to him. I want to believe that Jack ended up making it out of the fire like they hinted at. However, his major drawback is his lack of true motive for being the bad guy and killing people. The other characters do have their interesting moments as well, making them likable enough. Overall - 7/10 - If you like shoujo romance, this should be up your ally It's not great but not a disappointment. It's just a decent short story to add to your finished story list.

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