Vol: 1; Ch: 9
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It is a very dark night. Under a heavy rain, a determined man sets out to track his terrified victim. The decision of Kirishima Seiichi is clear: Tonight, he will kill his wife. A year ago, he was a happy man - a successful writer, a contented husband, and a father of a young boy... at that time, everything seemed going well for him. But such happiness had to end. The day his editor put an end to their collaboration, darkness seeped into his life faster than a bullet. A terrifying descent into hell commences, page by page of what it seems to be his last novel...

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It goes from dramatic reasoning to psycho lunacy and only gets better from there. From a man's good intentions of trying to reconcile with his wife to his intent to commit murder, it starts off a tad dreary and goes to hell as things take a turn for the creepy. It's an unpleasant read, but in a good sense. In the single volume that encompasses it, we get to know enough of the main to feel like he isn't just a cog in the machine to move the plot along. He has depth and his wife is given some padding out, who is simply more than a miffed miss. We know more about how they got there instead of just a disturbing present and unpleasant circumstances and more about the situation at hand, but not everything. Some explanations are left out but if everything was explained it wouldn't be as imaginative, would it? Or it wouldn't be... as thinky as things go. But you know: past, check. Present events go along in a grim and what I think is a realistic and stylish art style. It feels sketchy at times but in a way that benefits the tone. It lends itself to the creepiness and with excellent use of shadows makes the suspense and chills all the greater. It's unpleasantly pleasant to the eye without resorting to absolute gore and blood to make a point. Features great character design in terms of the main, the cave dweller and the boy. At the end of the tale, I felt satisfied. It reached an end that I liked and the journey through was more than just creepy. It's a fast read and works well as a single volume work. High marks for the main, as it's about him first and foremost; liked the art even if it did become a bit crazy at times but high marks for the main. Again. And I just felt satisfied for the most part on the story.


review may contain slight spoilers ! okay i’m someone who’s into horror , so when a mutual of mine suggested hideout i decided to check it out and i was pleasantly surprised at how good this was story : hideout is a short ( only one volume + 9 chapters ) horror story that is about a husband ( seiichi ) and wife trying to fix their broken down marriage ( although the wife doesn’t even care ) . all seiichi ever wanted was a small , happy family as that is something he did not have growing up . one day everything goes downhill due to his son’s death which everyone blames him for , including his wife . they decide to go on a small vacation and that is where things took a dark turn . the story wasn’t rushed , the pace was well kept and each chapter left me wanting more to find out what happens next art : i quite liked the art and the detail that went into it , like the rain and character designs , especially the little boy in the cave . it felt a bit off at times and i couldn’t make out what was happening in some of the scenes at first glance but i still really liked it . the art created a good atmosphere for the type of story it was  characters : honestly the wife really annoyed me , she’s a selfish person who didn’t ever care about her husband . she didn’t even want kids and even admitted that her son was an accident , which of course hurt seiichi . it seemed that she only married him because of his good income ( seiichi is a writer ) and she was able to buy expensive things because of that . as for seiichi himself i really liked his character . we see him go from a happy guy who’s living a good life with his son and wife , to then losing his mind after the death of his son and the events that took place later on . a few flashbacks were added in so we got some more understanding of his slow progression to insanity , which i thought was a nice touch as it added more depth to him overall : the manga is definitely worth reading . i wasn’t really expecting the ending and i think it was a good twist for a story like hideout 

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