Hibiki's Magic

Alt title: Hibiki no Mahou

Vol: 6; Ch: 29
2004 - 2016
4.177 out of 5 from 98 votes
Rank #3,237
Hibiki's Magic

Some of our most cherished manga characters are blessed with magical powers. Others have an extraordinary combination of superhuman strength and cunning intellect. But Hibiki? Her only real skill seems to be making a pot of delicious tea...or is it? This heartwarming fantasy story will have you believing in Hibiki's magic!

Source: Viz

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I rarely give out tens, heck most of my most beloved mangas in my collection have only received an eight or higher. Hibiki's Magic is a special exception though. It is that one rare manga that is not flawed in anyway. The problem? The writers cancelled it. What could of become a manga classic they cancelled, sad, especially because this manga was genius. But enough of my pointless rant; let's get right into the review. Story: Hibiki's magic follows a young girl who is named Hibiki. She is the apprentice of a powerful sorcerer named Shirotsuki. However even under his teachings, which is renowned in the magical community, Hibiki fails to get past even the most basic part of a spell. Causing her much grief throughout the book and the only thing keeping her going is her ability to create a delicious cup of tea. Although this has been compared to Harry Potter several times, I have read both and I see no resemblance. This manga is completely original in itself and if you dislike Harry Potter, you should not pass this aside thinking it is the same thing. Hibiki's magic has a solid story, one of the most fleshed out plots I have ever seen in any manga. There are no filler chapters in the short two volumes and every chapter tugs on the heartstrings. It is a cute story, but it is also a strong story about finding out who you really are and your sense of self-worth. Who could hate something as powerful as that? Art: Gorgeous. Every detail is beyond extraordinary. Especially the backgrounds and Shirotsuki's home in the woods. If I could pack my bags and move there you bet in a heartbeat I would. The characters are drawn rich full of emotion and Hibiki is too cute for words. Overall, the art is fantastic. I cannot find anything to complain about. Characters: Perhaps the most powerful thing about this manga is the characters. What makes them so great? They are completely relatable. Hibki is not confident with herself and she is a cry baby, in other words she is not perfect. In fact she is one of the most flawed manga characters I have ever seen. But that is just what I loved about her. She feels alive, she is relatable, and everyone who has ever felt they weren't really worth much could use her as a role model, because she eventually becomes stronger. Shirotsuki is another great character because he possesses incredible kindness and patience. Overall, again, absolutely nothing to complain about. Overall: This is one of the best mangas out there. If you ever see please check it out. Especially fantasy fans, this is really worth a look.

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