Vol: 1; Ch: 6
2001 - 2002
3.563 out of 5 from 68 votes
Rank #10,100

Archimedes was not only a gifted mathematician but also an engineer of repute. During the conflict with the Romans, Archimedes was supposedly responsible for creating a number of war machines that devastated the Roman legions before they eventually got the upper hand. The exact nature and use of these devices is controversial, and exists more in the realm of legend than actual historical fact.

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While Hannibal was wrecking havoc in Roman territory, one of the cities his forces had taken over was Syracuse. This story follows an eloquent, pretty-boy Spartan named Damipos as he tries to protect a Roman girl named Claudia from the Carthaginian forces, who were rounding up all the Romans in Syracuse and sending them to their deaths. They stay at the residence of a senile Archimedes, long past his prime and long abandoned by most of his students. But Archimedes' inventions are still functional and effectively work to hold off the Roman siege. Archimedes isn't proud of his inventions and feels guilt at the loss of life they cause. There are cranes able to lift ships out of the water and buzzsaws able to cut people in half. There is the Wheel of Ulairos, built to catapult rocks at such high speeds that they punch holes straight through whatever's in their path. And we see the idea of using the focused reflected light from thousands of household mirrors to burn far-off Roman ships. Through it all, Epicudes likens himself as the Hannibal of Syracuse, but he's no tactician; he's just using the built-in defenses of the city in the way they were intended to be used. The conclusion of this manga really shows the pointlessness of war, summarized by Damippos' parting words to the Roman general: "Don't you have anything better to do [than conquest]?" And shown through the fact that even though the Carthaginians won for a while and then the Romans won for a while, two thousand years later, it's all just ruins.

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