Here We Go Again

Alt titles: Live or Not, We're so Over... or Not

Ch: 98
2015 - 2017
4.394 out of 5 from 386 votes
Rank #1,904
Here We Go Again

Imagine if your grandparents magically became 17 years old again...That they had a second chance to relive their youth and possibly fall in love again, or actually for the first time. It’s the beginning of a fresh start, literally!

Source: Tapas

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I had better luck finding this story under “Live or Not”. This manhwa resonated with me in a profound way because the concept of a perfect marriage is so overrated nowadays and not realistic so having this story shed light in marital difficulties was very powerful to me. Story Live or Not explores the relationship between two spouses from an arranged marriage in their senior ages. The first few chapters are very hard to read because it’s clear there is a lot of resentment in their relationship and both characters have grown apart. Please don’t let this stir you away from such a wonderful story as with people that are close to a divorce, this may be a very real thing all things considered. The key component in the story is that with a wishing well they become young once more consequently giving them an opportunity to relive their youth and perhaps make different decisions. Chastity is more eager to start anew and make a life for herself but her husband who is more than committed to their relationship is not ready to let her go. Both of them want different things out of the relationship yet they manage to grow together in this quest. This story made me re-evaluate my own marriage while taking me in a roller coaster of emotions. The manhwa explored so many real aspects of a relationship such as trust, intimacy, resentment, commitment and so on. The antagonist of the story also played an important role and tested their relationship time and time again. The story does a great job at showing how both the past and present impact the future of their relationship as well as exploring the good and bad parts of a relationship. The ending was amazing as it was not rushed or obvious but offered a very satisfying way to end the story in good terms. Art Because the age-transformation component is crucial in this story, I found it quite interesting to see their young vs old versions. I loved how the character’s faces soften as the story progressed. Character design was great and generally speaking I love the colors used in manhwas including this one. Characters Chastity and Valor are the main characters of this story. Although Chastity has a strong personality as an elder, this was not the case when she was younger and we learn that life experiences definitely change people in such a way. Valor was my favorite character as I related a lot to him. He can be prideful but he is committed to Chastity in the good and bad times alike and it is this trait I found so endearing as well as his love. There is definitely a lot of character growth in this story along with showing a lot of vulnerability on both ends. I love this aspect the most and I think this is the most important part of the story. The antagonist was quite mysterious to me and there are several secondary characters that add spice to the story too. Overall I think if you have been married for a number of years you may really enjoy this story. The plot is emotional for many reasons but the character growth and raw storyline make for a great read. If you like a good romance story with all the good and ugly parts of a relationship this is definitely the one to read.

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