Here is Greenwood

Alt title: Koko wa Greenwood

Vol: 11; Ch: 71
1986 - 1991
3.811 out of 5 from 75 votes
Rank #6,204
Here is Greenwood

Hasukawa Kazuya has absolutely no luck. The woman he loves has just married his older brother, and in order to avoid the lovey dovey couple, Hasukawa decides to enter the dorm of a prestigious high school. However this dorm, named Greenwood , seems to be home to the school's strangest students and thanks to Hasukawa's bad luck he ends up as the roommate and neighbor of the three strangest students of all! It seems Hasukawa's dreams of a quiet life are all but doomed as he gets swept up in the antics of Greenwood 's residents!

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