Here Comes the Silver Spoon!

Alt titles: A Haseyo, Geumsujeo Deureogamnida, Ah Yes, the Golden Spoon Has Arrived!

Ch: 80+
2021 - ?
4.05 out of 5 from 768 votes
Rank #2,585
Here Comes the Silver Spoon!

Adelaide Sergio never knew luxury until she was reborn as a wealthy count’s daughter. She was set to inherit the family estate, but her scheming sister’s sudden engagement has thrown everything off. With just two weeks to find a husband, Adele turns to the temple in search of a holy knight, only to find that their commander is the perfect man! He’s handsome, respectable… and completely uninterested. Can Adele win over the cold commander in time, or will the silver spoon be yanked from her mouth?

Source: Tapas

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