Her Summon

Ch: 117
2018 - 2021
3.998 out of 5 from 1,433 votes
Rank #3,921
Her Summon

3 years after he shuts himself away from society and surrounds himself with 2D friends... Otaku Jin-kyung finds himself summoned to another world by a petite summoner who needs help...!

Source: Toomics

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Man this is an amazing manga. Everything about it is perfect, everything !It's the story of a shut-in otaku who got publicly shamed and cyber bullied into being a hikkikomori. He suffers from panic disorder, anxiety, you name it so he spends all his time in his room without ever stepping foot outside. Thankfully his parents are there for him. So what makes this particularly story special? He's a huge chunii and by huge I mean he lives at the top of chunii world. Remember when we used to play pretend as kid and totally get into character? Yup that's him. And it's so funny because he does it in serious situations and seeing other people reaction adds to the fun. Frankly I laughed my azz off almost every chapter because of his nonsense.That aside, the plot is really interesting. Mild SPOILERS ahead so beware.The fact that he gets summoned from time to time help him grow as a person in the fantasy world and we can see the impact irl. Usually whenever an MC has it tough in his life he's just happy to gets summoned and he never think back about his life on earth. It's fine if you want pure escapism but for a story about redeeming a character and making him grow you need more. That's why having him go back and forth and experience both world is good. We follow his story and his life and how he interacts with people, how that affects him and the steps he takes to become a better person. I love those human stories. It's even better when we have such a nice fantasy setting.The art is simply out of this world, I give it 10/10 without even thinking twice. The artist really gave their all to draw the amazing fight scenes or power ups. And as well as some good fan service for the men and women of culture out there.This is an overall very good story. Just go read it now, don't wait you'll not regret it.

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