Her Prince's Secret Son

Alt title: Toki no Mahou ni Kakerarete

Vol: 1
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Her Prince's Secret Son

“You’ve won a trip to visit the old castles of Europe as well as a luxurious spa,” reads a letter that arrives at the bookstore where Sara works. The only problem is, she doesn’t remember entering any contest! Her heart still stung by old wounds, Sara isn’t particularly interested in claiming her prize, but her friend badgers her into leaving for the Kingdom of Carvania anyway. But when she arrives, he’s waiting for her—Aleks, her old lover who vanished without so much as a word five years ago. He’s the owner of the castle where she’s staying…and the prince of Carvania! With cold eyes, he leads her to a young boy’s sickbed and tells her he’s brought her there so she can be an organ donor for the boy…the son she abandoned years ago!

Source: Harlequin

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