Her Lies

Ch: 80
2020 - 2022
3.704 out of 5 from 66 votes
Rank #17,117
Her Lies

Zhao Fugui, a high school girl who can see everybody's score in life, puts herself at the frontline every day to find the perfect boyfriend. However, she never imagined that someone by her side already held a perfect score, and that she's deeply in love with her...

Source: BiliBili Comics

Includes 6 extra chapters.

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SPOILERS AHEAD. SPOILER TEXTS ARE BOLD & UNDERLINED While whatever the manga/manwha offers in story, art, characters or any meaningful development are just below average to me in the genre. The factor I find the most agitating is the scores above the heads. That concept in of itself is interesting but the problem comes from the poorly nonsensical or lack of execution: 1) There's no clear rules or guidlines on how a person's score is given: The only reference the reader gets for score distribution is in chapter 1 when the MC says the max score is 100 and it's devided like so: 20 for beauty, 20 for grades, 20 for relationships, 20 for personality and 20 for family (prestige I think?). A high score means character's popular and beloved by all and low score means chacter's hated and shunned by all. However the MC herself dismisses these rule saying " I don't know how these scores work" in that same chapter. Whether those rules helps or not the scores people have don't make sense. Examples: - MC has a score 60 but the background nerds has 63 and 76 yet she's popular in the class - One girl has 89 but lacks confidence and has no friends - One guy in MC's middle school has a score of 59 has a bad personality but he's handsome, has many friends, girls love him and he convinced everyone in the class (or the whole school maybe?) to bully the MC who at the time had a score of 70. Those who joined in on the bullying had a score of 40s and 30s. - There's never been a character with a score below 30 2) It's estabilished that only the MC can see the scores: The MC never really utilizes her power or references it in anyway. She said she would use it to find a guy with a score of 90 or above and date him but that was only used once or twice in the entire manga. Majority of the time her relationships with people are based on whether they're nice or mean to her. There are also some problems and contradictions with only MC seeing scores that the creator doesn't explain properly or doesn't care: Example: - MC only sees scores of classmates but nobody else like the adults or friends not in the classroom - We can see people's scores even if MC is not present. I know it's for reader's benefit but still the score presence has no relevence for appearing if nobody else can see scores. - MC's tells love interest (Xiao Xiao) about her score power. Well how does Xiao Xiao believe MC without any tangible prooof and how was Xiao Xiao able to change her scores by herself? Whether she has those powers too is never revealed, - There's an older character in the later chapters threatening the MC saying she can see scores too but we can't see that character's score and that character never does anything with those powers either. 3) Xiao Xioa (Love interest) hides her 100 score from MC and it's not explained: How or why does Xiao Xiao have a score of 100? Why does she need to hide it from MC? How is she able to change her score to 70 by herself if only the MC can see it? None of these are explained. Also Xiao Xiao switching her scores between 70 to 100 changes nothing. She behaves the same way regardless and everybody interacts with her according to her actions not her score. 4) Nobody's scores changes: Scores in the entire story only changed twice for only two people. first was the MC when she had a score of 70 then dropped to 60 because she fought back against her bullies by cutting up their school and throwing them out the window. MC's score stayed at 60 from begining to end regardless of what she experiences in the story. Xiao Xiao jumps from 70 to 100 sometimes it's from actions like purposefully not getting full marks on her test, rubbing dirt on her face or just littering or she most of the time she changes her score through sheer willpower. For the rest of their events and for the rest of the cast scores remain the same. Whether something good or bad happens, whether someone improves themsleves or changed for the worst doesn't matter they're stuck with those stupid scores unless the plot demands it to change. 5) The scores in the manga is usless  Because the manga is prioritizing a story like the Truman Show, Because only the MC has that power but doesn't use it because she's friendly with everybody unless they're mean to her and because they have no effect or consequences in the story, the concept of a life score is useless. At best the idea of scores is just being used to bait readers, it's on the frontline for 3 chapters and then the manga plays out like any other GL manga without really utilizing the scores except as annoying floating numbers on the pages. Seriously you can skip the scores info dumping and not miss anything. It's still at its core a trashy GL manga.

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