Vol: 1; Ch: 5
3.387 out of 5 from 64 votes
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Nana is twenty four years old and has lived most of her life without any purpose. She is known to her coworkers to be indifferent and refuses to pay attention to others when they speak to her, leaving her with very few friends. However, Nana's life is turned upside-down when a car accident sends her back to her past; she awakens to find that she is now a fourteen-year-old junior high school student. As she relives her junior high school days, she slowly begins to uncover the painful memories that she had tried to repress as an adult. Will Nana's past help her find a reason to live or will it prove to be much more than she can handle?

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FullmetalDragon Nov 28, 2016
Score 3/10

Whether she is dreaming, hallucinating, or was actually sent back into the past, Nana has returned to her junior high school days. At 24, she seemed to have no purpose to her life - no ambition, no dreams, no emotions really. When she is sent back, she begins to realise how much of life she's been missing out on. Well, as I'm hoping is fairly obvious by my rating, I did not exactly enjoy this. Even for a... read more



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