Henshin Dekinai

Vol: 1; Ch: 6
4.125 out of 5 from 169 votes
Rank #2,692
Henshin Dekinai

Car mechanic and ex-yankee Honda falls in love with Someya, a beautiful okama. Someya promises to go on a date with him in exchange for free car maintenance. Someya planned to tease him since the mechanic was unaware of his true gender, but when Someya reveals the truth, Honda's attitude doesn't change one bit! And now Honda's acceptance has stirred up feelings of affection in Someya!

Source: MU

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Nocturnalgloria's avatar
Nocturnalgloria Jul 18, 2013
Score 8/10

Being a spinoff of the already very spastic Okane ga nai one would be justified in expecting Henshin Dekinai to be less than stellar. Yet surprisingly it is quite good and in some respects even extraordinary. This time around the main couple in Okane is demoted to the sidelines and the Someya, the supporting role okama, takes the lead. And this makes all the difference in terms of tone: while there is are... read more

LupaLunae's avatar
LupaLunae Jan 22, 2017
Score 8/10

To be honest, I went in with low expectations since this is a spin off of Okane Ga Nai, and I didn't perticullarly like that series for multiple reasons (mainly the predictible characters and sexual abuse). However, Henshin Dekinai is actually really good! The humor was actually funny, the characters, or at least Someya, have interesting and belivable backstories, and the main characters are actually... read more

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