Henkyou no Kinjuuou: Aiin Omegaverse (Light Novel) - Custom lists

Henkyou no Kinjuuou: Aiin Omegaverse (Light Novel)
  • After All, I Became a Crow (Novel)
  • Africa Salaryman
  • A Feast for the Wolf in Heat
  • Addiction
  • 12 Evil Cats

3. Beauties and Their Beasts Manga by Bloom19

Something For The Furry Fans, Just Like Me! Beastmen and Women! Animal Characteristics, Animal Protagonists, Animal Transformation, Anthropomorphic, Bears, Cats, Dogs, Pets, Pigs and Rabbits!

  • After Being Picked up by the Top Alpha (Novel)
  • Accidental Mark (Novel)
  • ABO Cadets (Novel)
  • A Beta Has Dreams Too (Novel)
  • 99.99% Lovers (Novel)

ABO: Omegaverse Novels by AnnaSartin

A list of Omegaverse novels, light novels, and web novels in the Anime-Planet database.

  • The Wolf in Heat Likes His Professor
  • Senpai ni Mayu to Ore
  • Wananaku Kiba no Daria
  • Kemono-Jingai BL
  • Boku no Danna-sama

Furry manga by Meron

I know there are lot of furries in the anime community. So I thought I should make a handy list for them. This includes just anthropomorphic animals, not cat ears or just tails. Since that is already tagged. I run into a lot...

  • Ai ni Yuku
  • A Hunk Suddenly Sprouted from the Planter...
  • A Feast for the Wolf in Heat
  • A Feast for an Incubus
  • 1-nen 5-kumi Ikimono Gakari

Human-nonhuman relationship by LupaLunae

Manga that center around romantic relationships between a human and a nonhuman. Examples of nonhumans are gods, ghosts, demons, mermaids, and the like. I'm adding the type of nonhuman in the description of each entry