Hello, My Puppy (Novel)

Alt title: Dear My Hunny Bunny (Novel)

Ch: 209
2014 - 2016
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Hello, My Puppy (Novel)

8th rank special guardian, Jay. Her mission is to heal a child whose soul is broken with love. Louie, who was like an expressionless doll, learns emotions little by little from Jay. However, their happiness was cut short. Jay is at the crossroads of separation after being notified of the end of her time with Louie, so she decides to follow him across dimensions. Three years after taking care of Louie, who was abandoned by his parents, the child must be sent back to his original dimension. “I’m not going!! I don’t want to go, Jay don’t let me go!” “If you don’t go now, it’ll hurt a lot more. I can’t let you get hurt.” Eventually, Louie ​​left but I figured out a way for us to meet again. That’s why I’m going to another dimension. “This is the last question. Where was the last place we bought ice cream?” “Eunkwang Supermart” Correct! Louie, whom I met again, became a perfect adult man, but he was held in my arms as before and buried his face on the crook of my neck.

Source: NU

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