Hello Green Days

Vol: 1; Ch: 5
4.046 out of 5 from 599 votes
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Hello Green Days

Mikage, a graduate student in the Department of Botany, is shy and timid when it comes to love. One day, Mikage decides to become roommates with his financially challenged junior classmen, Nanahoshi. But, suddenly one spring day Mikage is confessed to by Nanahoshi – whose sweet personality differs from his scary appearance. For the first time in his life, Mikage is in a relationship, but he struggles to understand how to become a loving boyfriend.

Source: MU

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The reclusive Mikage and the tall Nanahoshi live together in a plant-filled apartment. We see lots of leaves and branches sticking out in the backgrounds, which is pretty cool. There are also random tidbits of botanical trivia thrown in. Mikage is able to talk more easily when it's related to plants. The two main characters both like plants, but more importantly, they both like each other. There's a confession or reaffirmation of their feelings for each other in basically every chapter. The manga attempts to include some low-stakes relationship tension as they start building up trust and intimacy, but some of the milestones (for lack of a better term) feel kinda like they shouldn't even be a thing. Especially the point of tension raised in chapter two, where Mikage is stressing about telling Nanahoshi that fe's gay. For context: THEY ARE ALREADY DATING AT THIS POINT!!! They had already both confessed their feelings for each other and considered themselves to be in a dating relationship, so why would Mikage's "gay" status be at all relevant to anything? If fe likes Nanahoshi and is interested in dating fem, what does it matter what feir sexual orientation is in a broader sense? And then some of the other developments also felt kinda contrived and not handled particularly well. The relationship is still pretty sweet to watch simply for the wholesomeness of it all, but I don't think the author is very good at writing romances or in making the characters feel real. The art is also quite unimpressive.

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