Hell Baby

Alt title: Gaki Jigoku

Vol: 1; Ch: 13
3.103 out of 5 from 115 votes
Rank #14,075
Hell Baby

On the eve of his twin girls’ births, a man discovers a terrible secret: one of the two babies is horribly disfigured with fangs and a hideous appearance. He dumps her in a garbage heap to rot, but the girl is brought back to life by a mysterious bolt of lightning; for the next seven years she lives, feeds and challenges the other animals on the heap for dominance. However, as a young girl, she soon finds herself inexplicably drawn into the city, where her destiny awaits...

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ZorroMeisterZ Feb 21, 2012
Score 7/10

Okay this is one of those creepy stories that turns out to be way sadder than expected. All said it's a good read.

Story/Characters: The only characters that are really fleshed out are the father and the titular character the latter hardly present and the former having no dialogue. That said they both manage to convey a great deal.

Art: It's hard to comment on art in manga, because there's... read more



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