Helen Keller: From Darkness to Light

Alt title: Helen Keller: Kurayami Kara Hikaru wo Nagekaketa Ai no Tenshi

Vol: 1; Ch: 6
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Helen Keller: From Darkness to Light

It is impossible to imagine the anguish and suffering young Helen Keller endured when she lost both her sight and hearing as a young child. “Helen Keller: From Darkness to Light” is the miraculous but true story of how the wholehearted devotion of a brilliant tutor, Anne Sullivan, helped Helen overcome these terrible disabilities and live a vital, fulfilling life. Anne, known to Helen as “Teacher,” first taught her student discipline, then “finger-spelling,” and finally, language itself. Eventually Helen learned how to actually speak. After graduating from college, she traveled and lectured around the world, devoting her life to the creation of a society where people with and without disabilities could live together. Her efforts spurred the development of educational and welfare programs in many countries. Helen’s story is an inspiration for young people everywhere.

Source: Shogakukan

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