Vol: 12; Ch: 106
2014 - 2017
4.227 out of 5 from 258 votes
Rank #1,635

The Demon King has been defeated and now the Demon World is running a competition to choose a successor. A muscular, high-level human named Helck has joined the competition claiming that he wishes to destroy all humans. Is he serious? Red Vamirio, one of the Four Heavenly Kings of the entire Demon Empire, is monitoring the competition and cannot trust him. What's the secret behind Helck, and the Human World?

Source: MU

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FoggyEagle15's avatar
FoggyEagle15 Apr 25, 2016
Score 8/10

I'm a bit surprised it ranked pretty hight up there but has no reviews, any ways here's is quick one. What introduced me to the manga was the cover for it on my manga reader app (mangarock) it look interesting. I read the first chapter and was hesitant to continue further, the main character is different from a steriotypical manga protagonist which was hard for me at first. Helck's protagonist is a huge, built... read more

DarkmeetsLight's avatar
DarkmeetsLight Jan 1, 2019
Score 8/10

1 review really ?, I will add onother. Some Spoiler I Warn You.   Plot: Demon king defeated by hero ""MC Brother, But demon King =  Admiral . Tournament is start in search of new Demon king, Helck "MC Human want to become Demon King, Hate Human" join the tournament, New enemy appear. read the rest.           It got me laugh hard on 1st and 2nd... read more

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