Heeran Love Song

Ch: 19+
2021 - ?
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Heeran Love Song

General Jahyeon of Heeran Nation marries Soru, a ‘princess who sees ghosts’ by the king’s order. Jahyeon is cold to Soru, but he has the power to ward off ghosts, hence Soru wants to stay by his side. Soru is willing to sacrifice everything for Jahyeon, who is her only safe haven. Jahyeon is getting more and more concerned about Soru, but…

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Reading Heeran Love Song itself is an act of self flagellation. It's a repackage of the classic "self sacrificing holy mother x Cold blooded alpha male love interest" and one sexy tragic villian to give the audiance more options (but with a bit more character development and insight) and I've read too many stories like this to be an optimist about the outcome of the suffering the protagonist is going through. The story follows Soru a princess surrounded by evil spirits/ goblins who haunt her and want to consume her but aren't able to so they make her life miserable by killing everyone who is kind to her and therefore tormenting soru, not only that but soru is also hated by her father and gets used by him as pawn in a scheme to humiliate and keep his general in check when he offers soru as his bride instead of her sister, keeping his promise to marry the General to the "Princess" after he won the battlefield. Little did he know that this would end up backfiring on him as the General Jahyeon is the only person the goblins can't harm which makes him invaluable in Soru's eyes because she's guilt ridden from having so many people who were trying to help her get killed/hurt, she instantly becomes devoted to him and offer's him her secret which is that her blood is basically elixir and can cure any illness when applied on it. The general on the advice of his aid decides to take her up on her "offer" and literally bleeds her dry to get a stronger political hold in the king's court. Empowered from seeing the state of neglect Soru lives in and how she's used as blood letting livestock, the servants hatch up their own group to take her blood by bleeding her dry and carelessly stitching up her wonds and getting her addicted to drugs when she's in pain from them cutting her open. There is also a side plot of the biggest baddest goblin who is trying to become human by consuming thousand human hearts and the people chasing him. This is the story so far. If you have any empathy you can understand why I am not a fan of this manhwa despite the gorgeous artwork. The manhwa is an angst fueled melodrama, and none of the characters are sympathetic. I understand the drive behind every character but I can't root for any of them. Soru is so traumatized and abused she is unable to break the cycle of abuse she let's people literally bleed and feel gratitude for having helped them I feel bad for her but this behaviour is so reparative I've lost my faith in things ever getting better for her because this is a staple of the genre and the author chose to write it this way. My previous opinion/ complaint is also shared by the General Jahyeon who is the one bleeding her dry so I guess A+ for self awareness? I still don't like you also he keeps grinding his teeth in anger so often i fear he'll go bald and die form high blood pressure before getting the throne. I guess my biggest hang up from the manhwa is that it's a romance manhwa when it should not be, these characters are not good for each other I would have liked this manhwa far more had it been strictly historical fantasy because that would atleast give me hope for things to get better for soru and seeing some character development which I don't have bc of the genre this manhwa falls into. Trigger warning: self harm, abuse, non graphic gore

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