Heavenly Executioner Chiwoo

Alt title: Chiwoo

Vol: 5; Ch: 51
2004 - 2006
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Heavenly Executioner Chiwoo

Rebellious Chiwoo is the town outcast. Without his parents to raise him, he finds this world a difficult place to fit in. If only his mysterious father would just show himself! What secret could drive them apart? When his father suddenly reappears, Chiwoo learns that his father is a Mangnani, a mysterious executioner who carries out God’s judgment. Only his father’s dance prior to the beheading of a sinner determines the fate of one’s afterlife — either forgiveness from God or eternal damnation. Now on the run from an Emperor determined to obliterate all Mangnanies and their heirs, Chiwoo must fight to fulfill his destiny!

Source: Yen Press

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