Hataraki Man

Vol: 4; Ch: 29
2004 - 2009
3.091 out of 5 from 18 votes
Rank #13,238
Hataraki Man

28-year-old Hiroko Matsukata is the definition of a workaholic. On top of smoking too much, rarely having sex and having lousy luck nurturing her romantic life, she works excessively to get the job done. Alongside many co-workers at the weekly news magazine Jidai, Hiroko tirelessly works on countless stories – thus negating any chance of a social life. Can Hiroko balance her home and work life, or is she doomed to be a 'working man' forever?

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sothis Oct 9, 2009
Score 5.7/10

I'm not feeling it.I watched some of the anime version of Hataraki Man, and enjoyed it; it felt like a somewhat-heavy slice of life title, with plenty of josei angst to go around. The manga just... is missing something. I know it came first, but I found it far more boring and uninteresting to read. Somehow the topic of workaholics (with a heavy dose of psychological conversation) doesn't make for a good read... read more

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Omurqi Oct 8, 2009
Score 7/10

This review is based on the first 7 chapters of the manga.Hataraki Man is about the life of Matsukata Hiroko, a hardworking editor at “The Age” magazine, following the difficulties she encounters, as well as her successes. Having read this straight after reading a somewhat generic shoujo/josei romance story, the first thing that caught my eyes were the character designs. For once, all... read more

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