#Don’t Let Anyone Know, But I Want Love!

Alt title: #Baretakunai Kedo, Koi Shitai!

Vol: 1; Ch: 7
2021 - 2022
3.739 out of 5 from 14 votes
Rank #13,898
#Don’t Let Anyone Know, But I Want Love!

Arata's 'perfect life' consisted of being in the popular crowd and dating the most beautiful girl at school. But what his friends and his current girlfriend don't know, Arata is actually gay and makes videos of gay porn starring himself in secret. A punishment game leads Arata to dare to kiss a member of an otaku club, where he chances upon a sleeping Yamato Konoe, who is actually a handsome guy without his usual mask. Before Arata could go on with the dare, Yamato woke up and recognized Arata from one of the gay videos he'd watched. Things get steamy; from then on, Arata couldn't get Yamato out of his mind. There's no way he's attracted to Konoe, right?

Source: futekiya

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